Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Trip to Srisailam

I went to Srisailam, a place of lord Shiva. I went with my grandparents, mother and great grandmother.

We went in a car. We stayed in guest house named Patala Ganga Sadan. We also saw a temple called Sakshi Ganapathi temple. We went to rope way walk, took few photos on the way and also took photograph of my grandparents, me and my mother. Then we went on a boat on a river by name Patala ganga. It was a big boat. We got down on the bank of the river at Srisailam and came to the town by rope way. I also went through a forest called the 'Nallamala forest' and walked on Srisailam Dam.

We also went to other two temples, their names are Mallikarjuna temple and Brabaramika temple. We also went to sage house, but I couldn’t see him. We performed the pooja. Finally it was time that I had to come back to Hyderabad, as my father was alone. I enjoyed a lot but missed my father in the trip.

Aadhithi (Grade II)

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