Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mother Tongue Session

The PYP students of grade I to V attended a mother tongue session on greetings and days of week and months of the year on 26-11-11. Parent volunteers from different grade levels were invited to conduct the sessions. The main motive behind the session was to encourage the spirit of mother tongue among the students.

* Hindi-- Ekta Vajpayee-- Anshi Vajpayee II
* Telugu-- Chandra Dondeti-- Abhi Dondeti II
* Telugu -- M.Sreedevi—- Ganga IV
* Tamil----Mr. Suresh-- Vishnu V

Students' reflection-

It was so interesting to speak in Telugu in class.” Kaushal I
I learnt something new.” Aarya II
I learned the week days in Telugu.” Aadhithi II
It was very interesting to pronounce the week days in Hindi.”-- Claire III

Parents' reflection-

I enjoyed the session and appreciate the school for conducting such sessions.” M Sreedevi
I am very happy to come and help out in the mother tongue day session.” Mr Suresh

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