Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If dogs could read‼

This is an interesting story by Aarya Mandar from grade II.

If dogs could read, they could talk like humans. They would be in the library, school and bookstores and would create a cacophony in the library.

Once upon a time there was a dog named Wibbly. He loved to read and so did his friends. One day he took his friends to a library, they created a cacophony. Wibbly tried to stop them but they wouldn’t, some of his friends also bit the pages. Finally, the librarian shouted don’t you go to school, don’t you have any manners. Then Wibbly got an idea. When he went to home he asked his parents “can I go to school?” of course, his parents told, ok. Wibbly was happy. His schools name was Oakridge. His teacher’s name was Vidhya Ma'am.

Next day Wibbly into the classroom and sat near a boy, all the students were scared but the dog said “don’t be scared friends, I came here to learn to read and write like you”, very soon they become good friends. As soon as the teachers came in she was terrified to see a dog in the class but Wibbly spoke “don’t be scared of me I came here to learn can you teach me... please”. Ok said the teacher and so they began.

Wibbly learned to read and write really fast. One day the teacher asked Wibbly what is 7+3? Wibbly answered quickly so he got a star. He told his parents and from then onwards he loved to go to school.

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