Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Grandma at school!

On the ongoing unit of inquiry 'family ancestry' learners of grade II had a wonderful session. Great grandmother of Anurag, Smt. Krishna Veni Satuluri visited the class. This was the time our learners met, shared their questions related to the lifestyle in the olden days with an elderly person.

This interactive session was conducted in Telugu and was translated in English for the non-Telugu speaking learners. Learners were mesmerized listening to songs sung by the great grandmother.

An interesting PPT by her granddaughter about the similarities and differences in the lifestyle then and now was spellbound. It was an amazing session for our learner to visualize the artifacts and the heirloom of this great granny. The PPT had pictures of her dressing and the dressing of other members in her family.

Great granny also spoke about her marriage, her education, food processing methods, medical facilities and transport apart from many other things of her time. This session made our students to analyse their learning and reflect on their understanding about the unit.

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