Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Trip - a Personal Celebration

PP2 is inquiring into types of celebrations - personal, religious, national and international. To celebrate a personal celebration, a fun trip was planned where the learners were taken to ‘Sudha Car Museum’. The kids were amazed to see different types of cars, they especially liked camera car, computer car, brinjal car, football car and mini bike. Then they relished on snacks. Mrs. Radhika Asrani, a parent also accompanied us and said - "Well, the children got a nice exposure and leant a lot about cars".

Children speak -
We saw tennis ball car, basket ball car and I loved the camera car. – Sravya
I liked cricket bat car a lot. – Hasini
I saw a very big, tall cycle, it was nice. – Jayani
We see different different cycles, cars and bikes, and I liked racing car very much. - Lakshmi Preetam

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