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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maths with Classpedia

Classpedia is an online tool for our students to improve their subject knowledge in Mathematics. OIS uses this system keeping our students academic performance in mind.

Regular practice results in developing expertise in problem solving techniques. This expertise offers comfort level and the requisite skill to do well in examination. In addition to these benefits, Classpedia generates the results in a manner that is easy to understand and analyze. Classpedia is one of a kind tool and it offers the student unmatched flexibility of use. Oakridge International School is committed to use of Classpedia to help students gain an edge in their academic preparation.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cultivating healthy food habits

As a part of the geography lesson “The Western states of the Great Northern Plains”, we IV graders had a wheat party as wheat is their staple food.

Children brought wheat based snacks for the snack break. They brought some pooris, chapatti, wheat bread, wheat pasta and biscuits made of wheat. They enjoyed it well sharing with their group. In connection with this we also talked about healthy breakfast. The children were told about the goodness of wheat and were advised to eat less of refined flour like maida, sweets and chocolates as they have lot of sugar and calories in them.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Life Compositions

Students of IX grade created Still Life compositions in oil pastels. The students were very energetic & enthusiastic about the topic, as they were observing the real objects & depicting them in their art works. Students were creative, they could get the depth & create space in their paintings.

Some of the students' reflections-

Vrishti - “Still life is full of different expressions.”
Gaurav- “Still life drawing is one way to improve your drawing skills. It is very helpful to make a person observe an object carefully & work on it. It is fun drawing the still objects."
Rachana Podaralla- “Still life drawing was fun & I definitely improved with all the practice from art class."
Anish- “I like still life, it is risk taking & challenging.”

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Think Quest - Guest Lecture on Technical Support

Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus organized a guest lecture on Technical support for the teams working on the Think Quest projects on 26th Nov 2011. The lecture was organized to look into various support systems that could be provided to the students while conducting the research for their respective topic and also to guide them on effective presentation and data handling skills in a professional way.

Mr. Anil Jain who is into the leadership team of Oracle Foundation (he is also the parent of our school) was invited as the guest. The event was very much helpful for the students as he answered all the queries the teams asked and he also equally gave a wonderful insight to the students regarding the experience they would gain during their endeavor.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Young Aviators of Oakridge

New day, new experience, a unique one. A dream, which every young kid has, when he sees the beautiful bird like machines flying seamlessly, to possibly become a pilot. Saturday, 26th Nov, 2011 was one of those days where several Oakridge students would have thought that dream could become a reality. Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, and a Global leader in Aerospace industry, is spread over 100 countries. 15 students of IX and X standard of Oakridge, Einstein campus, were invited for half-a-day session at Honeywell office, Nanakramguda, to be a part of Honeywell's recently launched 'Young Aviators Programme'. The session was conducted by two highly experienced trainers, Mr. Pradeep Arora and Mr. Raman Plakkot, who have served the Indian Air Force for over two decades before joining Honeywell.

The session began with a short introduction about main businesses Honeywell operates in worldwide, about the various Honeywell products like Turbo Chargers, Safety systems, Enviromental Condition Monitoring systems, Security systems used all over the world. After that was a 45 minute presentation which gave a brief insight on how aircrafts fly using the principles of Aerodynamics. Students were enthusiastically listening to each slide making it a highly interactive session.

They learnt about the different parts of an aircraft like the Yoke, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps and the Elevator. Different terminologies like Thrust, Drag, Lift and Gravity which work together to help an aircraft soar thousands of feet above ground were also explained. Students were also told about the auto-pilot which helps the pilot to a great deal by taking over complete control of the aircraft while in flight. Children were explained various navigation aids which the pilot uses in the main instrument panel of the cockpit, viz., Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Magnetic Compass, Direction Indicator and the Artificial Horizon.

The most interesting part of the programme was hands on experience with the Boeing 767 flight simulator. The computer-based simulator gave a great hands on experience of actually flying an aircraft. In 3 batches of 5 students each, every student was given an opportunity to get a feel of flying an airplane. Students took turns in familiarizing themselves with the various controls on the aircraft and the main instrument panel where looking at the various readings, they themselves controlled the direction, altitude and speed of the aircraft. They were also instructed about the maximum angle at which an aircraft should turn. The instructors were really impressed by the intense concentration of the students who manouvered the aircraft brilliantly. While one batch of students were operating the flight simulator, other students were gaining more knowledge from the trainers.

One of the questions asked was "How do I become a pilot?", which was duly clarified by the experts. The last part of the flying session was experienced by Vice Principal Mr. Venkat Suresh himself, who perfectly landed the aircraft on the runway amidst constant cheering from all the students.

Based on the grand success of this programme, another session would be conducted for 15 more students in December. A big thanks to Honeywell for providing such a great opportunity to our students. A corporate tie-up of this kind will definitely focus students towards the right path in their career.

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Integrating the world's favorite metaphor

The on going UOI topic of grade I is Community Helpers. Dance instructors are also community helpers. Dance integration on the topic was done through a power point presentation. The students were shown pictures of different dance studios and open ended questions were posed at the students regarding the usage of the tools and equipment in a dance studio. This helped children to have a better understanding of the role of a Dance Instructor in a community.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hygiene freaks!

Children of PP2 celebrated Hygiene Day where they were asked to bring hygienic items from home. They had a discussion on 'what are the activities those could be done to stay healthy'. For example, brushing teeth gets rid of germs that can cause cavities, washing hands removes germs that can make the person sick or they can spread.

After the discussion, children proceeded towards the wash basin to wash their hands with handwash soap. Children were taken to an open place with their handkerchiefs and were asked to wash them in soapy water and then dry them in the sun. Children totally enjoyed the washing activity!

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Great Grandma at school!

On the ongoing unit of inquiry 'family ancestry' learners of grade II had a wonderful session. Great grandmother of Anurag, Smt. Krishna Veni Satuluri visited the class. This was the time our learners met, shared their questions related to the lifestyle in the olden days with an elderly person.

This interactive session was conducted in Telugu and was translated in English for the non-Telugu speaking learners. Learners were mesmerized listening to songs sung by the great grandmother.

An interesting PPT by her granddaughter about the similarities and differences in the lifestyle then and now was spellbound. It was an amazing session for our learner to visualize the artifacts and the heirloom of this great granny. The PPT had pictures of her dressing and the dressing of other members in her family.

Great granny also spoke about her marriage, her education, food processing methods, medical facilities and transport apart from many other things of her time. This session made our students to analyse their learning and reflect on their understanding about the unit.

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My Trip to Srisailam

I went to Srisailam, a place of lord Shiva. I went with my grandparents, mother and great grandmother.

We went in a car. We stayed in guest house named Patala Ganga Sadan. We also saw a temple called Sakshi Ganapathi temple. We went to rope way walk, took few photos on the way and also took photograph of my grandparents, me and my mother. Then we went on a boat on a river by name Patala ganga. It was a big boat. We got down on the bank of the river at Srisailam and came to the town by rope way. I also went through a forest called the 'Nallamala forest' and walked on Srisailam Dam.

We also went to other two temples, their names are Mallikarjuna temple and Brabaramika temple. We also went to sage house, but I couldn’t see him. We performed the pooja. Finally it was time that I had to come back to Hyderabad, as my father was alone. I enjoyed a lot but missed my father in the trip.

Aadhithi (Grade II)
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Mother Tongue Session

The PYP students of grade I to V attended a mother tongue session on greetings and days of week and months of the year on 26-11-11. Parent volunteers from different grade levels were invited to conduct the sessions. The main motive behind the session was to encourage the spirit of mother tongue among the students.

* Hindi-- Ekta Vajpayee-- Anshi Vajpayee II
* Telugu-- Chandra Dondeti-- Abhi Dondeti II
* Telugu -- M.Sreedevi—- Ganga IV
* Tamil----Mr. Suresh-- Vishnu V

Students' reflection-

It was so interesting to speak in Telugu in class.” Kaushal I
I learnt something new.” Aarya II
I learned the week days in Telugu.” Aadhithi II
It was very interesting to pronounce the week days in Hindi.”-- Claire III

Parents' reflection-

I enjoyed the session and appreciate the school for conducting such sessions.” M Sreedevi
I am very happy to come and help out in the mother tongue day session.” Mr Suresh

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Reflection on Chairman’s Cup

Abhay, Anish and Karthik won the Chairman's Cup for this month from the 4th grade. They were bleaming with joy. And here is what they wanted to say after taking the trophy in their hands for the second time...

"We did it! It’s a proud moment for the fourth graders that we won the cup for the second time, and we are looking forward to win the cup for the third time so that we can lock the cup in our class for the whole academic year. Fingers crossed! We thank all our classmates, teachers and parents who encouraged us to add this success into our lives. Our group discussed about the topic given to us and decided to collect the information about the topic. We kept ready with our speeches and made some changes in our group discussion and then we practiced thoroughly and rectified each others' mistakes. We confidently answered the judge’s questions and waited for the results. When our victory was announced in the assembly we felt so proud and understood that everything is possible to achieve if you aim for it."

Abhay, Anish and Karthik
Grade IV

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Trip - a Personal Celebration

PP2 is inquiring into types of celebrations - personal, religious, national and international. To celebrate a personal celebration, a fun trip was planned where the learners were taken to ‘Sudha Car Museum’. The kids were amazed to see different types of cars, they especially liked camera car, computer car, brinjal car, football car and mini bike. Then they relished on snacks. Mrs. Radhika Asrani, a parent also accompanied us and said - "Well, the children got a nice exposure and leant a lot about cars".

Children speak -
We saw tennis ball car, basket ball car and I loved the camera car. – Sravya
I liked cricket bat car a lot. – Hasini
I saw a very big, tall cycle, it was nice. – Jayani
We see different different cycles, cars and bikes, and I liked racing car very much. - Lakshmi Preetam

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