Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not the same old story!

The students of grade I and II attended a story telling session by Ms Suzana from Hungary and Ms Nehal from Tunisia. The first session was held on 14-9-11 (Thursday) in grade I by Ms Suzana. She told a legend of . She presented the story with a PPT presentation. The students were totally absorbed during the session. They also learnt a few Hungarian dance steps from Ms Suzana and the best folk dancer couple was given a certificate by her. Inika and Ayushman from Grade I got the certificate for best dancer and Aadithi from grade II got another certificate for best listener, as she recalled and told the story again. The students also answered few questions during the q session. The second session was held on 15-9-11 (Thursday) by Ms Nehal. She did the session on the story from Carthage using a PPT presentation.

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