Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love for the first language

A child connects to his parents, family, relatives, culture, history, identity and religion through his mother tongue. Native language links the child with the culture of the society the child comes from and shapes his identity. In our school we have a student body which speaks 9 different languages (mother tongue): Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Urdu and Korean.

In order to enrich the mother tongue, we at Oakridge celebrated the mother tongue day on 29th October 2011 between 9:00 to 10:00 am. Parents were invited to share folk tales, stories and teach new words in their mother tongue. The key understanding of this day was to help the children to become familiar with their mother language.

Mother Tongue session in Hindi:
In Hindi session I used charts, toys in storytelling, which helped students to understand easily. In the first session I told story of Lalachi Kutta (a giddy dog) where I showed charts and asked the students several questions as well as used puppet of a dog to make the story interesting. In another session I narrated a story in poetic style and students then traslated the story in English.
Kajal Sharma
Hindi Teacher

Mother Tongue session in Tamil:
Children were excited to listen to short stories in Tamil. They learnt the basic greetings those can be used in their daily lives. Spoken Tamil is different from writing, so they learnt how to write basic letters in Tamil. Tamil is one of the oldest Indian languages.
Lalitha Shobana.R
Team Leader, Class Teacher - III

Mother Tongue session in Oriya:
In this session the statistics of the people were stated to the children and origin was discussed. The conversational skills were discussed by the children.
A moral story on being open minded was narrated to the student with English translation. The whole session was very interactive and went off very well.
Yoga Teacher

Mother tongue session in Urdu:
The session was started on a cheerful note by exchanging greetings in Urdu. A story on being balanced was shared with the students on the smart board from the Urdu literature. The children were very enthusiastic to learn new words from the story, which they did not know. Later the children made cards on general greetings with English translations and also were also eager to share the learnings with their friends.
Mubeen Safura
PYP Co-ordinator

Mother tongue session in Bengali:
The session was very interesting as the children learnt the greetings in Bengali and felt very homely. They shared that they were very happy to speak in Bengali. Children listened to the folk tale in Bengali.
Class Teacher - PP2

Mother tongue session in Telugu:
We invited our parents Mrs. Kanchana and Mrs.Padmavati, to address students in Telugu. Students learnt few new Telugu words during the session and enjoyed the moral stories and folk tales with great enthusiasm. These sessions will be continued throughout the year to encourage the students to learn and understand their mother tongue. Mrs.Padmavati played few word games in Telugu with the children and awarded children when they were able to guess the correct word.
A. Rukmini
Class Teacher - IV

Mother tongue session in Marathi:
Mrs. Arti, one of the parents was invited to share a few folk tales and stories in Marathi. The session started with great enthusiasm. She read folk tales and translated them in English. The session was very interesting and children learnt many new words.
Vrushali D

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