Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anti Bullying Workshop

The main focus of the workshop was:
· Identifying mistreatment.
· Strategies to deal with mistreatment.

Stan Davis has 40 years of experience working as a child psychologist. He started the session with an introduction to know the composition of teachers teaching and dealing various grade levels .

He defined bullying and suggested to stop the use of the word. He insisted to validate to form rapport with the students. He explained four ways to deal with mistreatment.
1. Responsiveness
2. Resiliency
3. Relationships
4. Respect

He explained all these stages and gave interventions for various problems.
He also discussed many works of different researchers to make the strategies clear from various prespectives. He stressed three steps to support the child-safety, belongingness and learning.

Overall the workshop was very informative and empowered the teachers to identify mistreatments and the type of children, to deal with these situations and seek expert help whenever needed.

Mubeen Safura
PYP coordinator

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