Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peeping into universe through Birla planetarium

As the ongoing line of inquiry, “components of the universe” looks at the various things in the universe, learners of grade 2 had a field trip to the Birla planetarium on 31st August 2011. This visit enhanced a deeper understanding of the universe among the students. They were excited to learn, how the whole universe started, about the structure of various planets in our solar system. Learner endorsed their understanding of the various satellites of the different planets and they also were overwhelmed to know what a constellation was.

This visit was truly a knowledgeable and below are the anecdotes of the learners of grade 2 after the field trip.

Pradyumna: "Earth is medium size planet."
Rahul: "There might be life on Mars. The asteroids come from the asteroid belt."
Harsha: "Sun is far away from us".
Adeesh: "The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter".
Aadhithi: "They showed us four constellations: Cygnus, Orion, Libra.The Saturn rings was formed of ice and dust".
Aarya: "One of the satellites of Saturn has clouds".
Laxmi: "The planet Venus was named after the goddess of love and beauty".
Sanskriti: "The biggest valley was on mars, the proof of life was also shown on mars."
Lakshit: "On Jupiter there are storms. It is a gas planet".
Vijay: "Only mars had signs of vegetation. Venus has the biggest dead volcano in the solar system".
Nirmal: "Pluto is not a planet, when the Solar System formed, not everything was used to make planets and moons".
Aditya: "The asteroid belt is near the biggest planet in the solar system Jupiter."

Vidhya P.R - Class Teacher Grade 2

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