Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modern Foods

We are learning the topic - Healthy and Junk food and we thought that organizing a field trip to a super market will emphasize the learning, where they will experience healthy / junk etc in a real life setting. Plus it will be a nice way to perk up their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. (Besides, we were curious to put the children to test and see how they fare!)

So, on the early hours of 26th Aug, off went PP1 and PP2 to Miyapur Heritage Fresh to gain a great experience. And did I mention this was their first field trip! So you can imagine the excitement and charge that filled the bus as it rolled towards its destination. The children were ready to take on the world!

Inside Heritage Fresh, we gave them a guided tour to all sections: fruits, vegetables (healthy food) and cold drinks, chips, chocolate (junk food). The children not only identified the items, they were also able to categorize them as healthy/junk. Wow! And not only was their behavior prim and proper they were also careful not to touch or damage anything. They even controlled their temptation when we passed by the chocolate corner. Made me proud!

Learning: Children were able to differentiate between healthy and junk food. They were able to identify different fruits and vegetables. The experience stayed with them for long – for the next few days they were able to recall in great details from the trip and were able to frame sentences, share their experience with their peers. They also learnt to conduct themselves properly in a group activity, while having fun.

Sangita Saha, Class Teacher, PP1

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