Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ISA AWARD ACTIVITY 2 - Parent Presentations


Students of grade I and II investigated the different stories and plays today September 7, 2011 with the moral values. Expat parents and interns were invited to share their home town stories with children. Children listened to the stories to investigate the values and morals in the stories. Parents and the guest brought a wide range of stories with them. Stories were narrated on all the values.

One of the parents used online story portal and asked the children to choose from a vast collection of stories. After narrating the story the parent conducted reflection time for the students. It was the circle time activity and the children shared their thought on the values and understood the importance of the values in real life.

Few parents conducted the story sessions in French, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu as well. They translated the stories in English for better understanding. Children thoroughly enjoyed the session and reflected on the characters and their values.
Children build on their thinking skills and values as they were exposed to a whole range of stories from different countries and cultures in different languages.
These activities were shared in the blog for the parents and the wider community.
Children later posted these stories on E pals and shared with different children from different cultures and countries.

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