Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exploring cause of Day and Night

Tiny tots of PP2 are inquiring into the unit ‘Seasons come and go’ and are currently dealing with Day and Night cycles. Some of the interesting questions they came up with were-
1. Why Sun is not coming in the night?—Hasini
2. Why Sun comes in the morning? From where it comes?—Sravya
3. Why stars come in night?—JayaniWhy clouds change color, sometimes blue and sometimes white?—Tanishka
4. Why the Sun, Moon, again Sun, Moon change? –Lakshmi Preetam

In course of the progression of the unit, they were shown an interactive online video-As the Earth Turns and they really enjoyed the rotation of the Earth and wanted to reflect their understanding through hands on activities. They started rotating as Earth. A globe and torch was facilitated and then they made a house sticker and placed on the globe (on Hyderabad, with help of the teacher). One of the children held the Sun (imaginary Sun/Torch) and other rotated the globe and demonstrated how day and night occurs. They formed pairs and took turns to explain the cause to their peers. Overall, it was a fun filled experience and gave a lot of learning too.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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