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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not the same old story!

The students of grade I and II attended a story telling session by Ms Suzana from Hungary and Ms Nehal from Tunisia. The first session was held on 14-9-11 (Thursday) in grade I by Ms Suzana. She told a legend of . She presented the story with a PPT presentation. The students were totally absorbed during the session. They also learnt a few Hungarian dance steps from Ms Suzana and the best folk dancer couple was given a certificate by her. Inika and Ayushman from Grade I got the certificate for best dancer and Aadithi from grade II got another certificate for best listener, as she recalled and told the story again. The students also answered few questions during the q session. The second session was held on 15-9-11 (Thursday) by Ms Nehal. She did the session on the story from Carthage using a PPT presentation.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Lecture

In connection to the ongoing UOI on seasons we invited a guest parent in PP2 on 15 September, 2011. The parent, Mrs. Pitta first interacted with the learners and talked about different types of seasons. Then she presented an interesting power point presentation which depicted the health and safety measures to be taken based on changes during seasons. The little ones loved the PPT as it was full of pictures and was very informative. They shared their own views too thus making the interaction very lively. It was followed by a rapid quiz session in which the guest asked the questions pertaining to the discussion and all the learners were quite excited to answer the questions and got stars as rewards. Hence, the overall presentation along with its recap was very successful and the learners presented a handmade ‘Thank you’ card as a token of love and appreciation.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If dogs could read‼

This is an interesting story by Aarya Mandar from grade II.

If dogs could read, they could talk like humans. They would be in the library, school and bookstores and would create a cacophony in the library.

Once upon a time there was a dog named Wibbly. He loved to read and so did his friends. One day he took his friends to a library, they created a cacophony. Wibbly tried to stop them but they wouldn’t, some of his friends also bit the pages. Finally, the librarian shouted don’t you go to school, don’t you have any manners. Then Wibbly got an idea. When he went to home he asked his parents “can I go to school?” of course, his parents told, ok. Wibbly was happy. His schools name was Oakridge. His teacher’s name was Vidhya Ma'am.

Next day Wibbly into the classroom and sat near a boy, all the students were scared but the dog said “don’t be scared friends, I came here to learn to read and write like you”, very soon they become good friends. As soon as the teachers came in she was terrified to see a dog in the class but Wibbly spoke “don’t be scared of me I came here to learn can you teach me... please”. Ok said the teacher and so they began.

Wibbly learned to read and write really fast. One day the teacher asked Wibbly what is 7+3? Wibbly answered quickly so he got a star. He told his parents and from then onwards he loved to go to school.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthy Food IN Junk food OUT

This was a fun activity to encourage children to distinguish between healthy food and junk food. What kind of food helps us to keep healthy? It also allowed an opportunity to discuss the importance of healthy and junk food items which we consume. Children became more aware of healthy food choices that will help them to become healthy adults.

Two boxes are made, one with a happy face and other had a frowning monster face. Children picked up a flash card of food and determined if it is healthy or unhealthy and put it in respective boxes.

Leeza Bhutta

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Lecture in EVS lab

In connection to the UOI on seasons the little ones of PP2 were taken to EVS lab for a guest lecture by our lab in-charge, Ms. Swarnalatha on September 8, 2011. She explained the rotation and revolution of Earth using different models. She explained how day and night occur and what the cause of seasons is. Though children were exposed to words like rotation and revolution which were a bit difficult for them to memorize but they could very well understand that Earth moves as circle at its place and goes around the Sun also in circle. The models fascinated them and helped them to grasp the concept quickly. Thus over all, the guest lecture was a great success.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poster Presentation

The tiny tots of PP2 are inquiring about seasons and in this connection they were given home assignment to make posters. They were given choice to select any two from – Day Time/ Night Time/ Summer/Rainy/Winter/Autumn/Spring Season and make posters of any size by drawing/painting/coloring/sticking related pictures. The parents worked with their little ones and facilitated them to make beautiful posters. A small stage was set up in the class and children presented their posters and talked about them. The activity led to enhancement of presentation and communication skills apart from development of fine motor skills and creativity. The learners also appreciated each-other’s work with an open-mind.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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Tiny toes on dance

Little ones of PP2 presented a wonderful dance on the song ‘Oh My friend Ganesha’ to mark the celebrations of Vinayak Chaturthi and Eid on 30th August 2011. The moves of the tiny tots, choreographed by Ms Manjusha, captivated the Audience comprising of teachers, students of grades Nursery to grade III and guest parents. The dance was vibrant, full of energy and added colors to the festive occasion.
Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ISA AWARD ACTIVITY 2 - Parent Presentations


Students of grade I and II investigated the different stories and plays today September 7, 2011 with the moral values. Expat parents and interns were invited to share their home town stories with children. Children listened to the stories to investigate the values and morals in the stories. Parents and the guest brought a wide range of stories with them. Stories were narrated on all the values.

One of the parents used online story portal and asked the children to choose from a vast collection of stories. After narrating the story the parent conducted reflection time for the students. It was the circle time activity and the children shared their thought on the values and understood the importance of the values in real life.

Few parents conducted the story sessions in French, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu as well. They translated the stories in English for better understanding. Children thoroughly enjoyed the session and reflected on the characters and their values.
Children build on their thinking skills and values as they were exposed to a whole range of stories from different countries and cultures in different languages.
These activities were shared in the blog for the parents and the wider community.
Children later posted these stories on E pals and shared with different children from different cultures and countries.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exploring cause of Day and Night

Tiny tots of PP2 are inquiring into the unit ‘Seasons come and go’ and are currently dealing with Day and Night cycles. Some of the interesting questions they came up with were-
1. Why Sun is not coming in the night?—Hasini
2. Why Sun comes in the morning? From where it comes?—Sravya
3. Why stars come in night?—JayaniWhy clouds change color, sometimes blue and sometimes white?—Tanishka
4. Why the Sun, Moon, again Sun, Moon change? –Lakshmi Preetam

In course of the progression of the unit, they were shown an interactive online video-As the Earth Turns and they really enjoyed the rotation of the Earth and wanted to reflect their understanding through hands on activities. They started rotating as Earth. A globe and torch was facilitated and then they made a house sticker and placed on the globe (on Hyderabad, with help of the teacher). One of the children held the Sun (imaginary Sun/Torch) and other rotated the globe and demonstrated how day and night occurs. They formed pairs and took turns to explain the cause to their peers. Overall, it was a fun filled experience and gave a lot of learning too.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peeping into universe through Birla planetarium

As the ongoing line of inquiry, “components of the universe” looks at the various things in the universe, learners of grade 2 had a field trip to the Birla planetarium on 31st August 2011. This visit enhanced a deeper understanding of the universe among the students. They were excited to learn, how the whole universe started, about the structure of various planets in our solar system. Learner endorsed their understanding of the various satellites of the different planets and they also were overwhelmed to know what a constellation was.

This visit was truly a knowledgeable and below are the anecdotes of the learners of grade 2 after the field trip.

Pradyumna: "Earth is medium size planet."
Rahul: "There might be life on Mars. The asteroids come from the asteroid belt."
Harsha: "Sun is far away from us".
Adeesh: "The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter".
Aadhithi: "They showed us four constellations: Cygnus, Orion, Libra.The Saturn rings was formed of ice and dust".
Aarya: "One of the satellites of Saturn has clouds".
Laxmi: "The planet Venus was named after the goddess of love and beauty".
Sanskriti: "The biggest valley was on mars, the proof of life was also shown on mars."
Lakshit: "On Jupiter there are storms. It is a gas planet".
Vijay: "Only mars had signs of vegetation. Venus has the biggest dead volcano in the solar system".
Nirmal: "Pluto is not a planet, when the Solar System formed, not everything was used to make planets and moons".
Aditya: "The asteroid belt is near the biggest planet in the solar system Jupiter."

Vidhya P.R - Class Teacher Grade 2

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