Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasure Fest

The Oakridge campus was bursting with competition spice and it was the time of the year for the TREASURE FEST!

Basketball match between Chinmaya Vidyalaya and Oakridge Einsteins was played sportively even though it was a defeat of 11-6. Players include Maitrayi, Sanhita, Mona, Meghana, Raga, Ananya, Mounika (Sports Vice Captain), Geeta, hanisha, Soujanya, Aarati and Chitra.

On August 26, every artist put on their creative caps on and draw wonders. We won first place in creative collage which included Shwetha and myself and second place in flower arrangement in which Chloe and Veena participated. A spot painting competition was also conducted and Dhyan participated in it.

We also won second place (junior group) and third place (senior group) in dance. Participants in Senior group were Loukya (Vice Cultural Captain), Vrishti, Hiranya, Vasavi, Manasa, Gaurav, Abhiram, Vedant and Sai Vasanth and in junior group, Sahas, Sai Sanketh, Ali, Vedant, Spurthi, Kavya, Srija, Aanvi, Akansha, Moukthika, Mourya, Sai Mohith and Anumita.

Some of the mini competitions were Mad Ads, Elocution, Storytelling, Poetry and Spelling Bee, which were creative and funny. All students came as nervous and judgmental students but left as cheerful friends and created new bonds.

Bhavana Nerella (VIII A)

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