Saturday, August 6, 2011

Role Play

5th August, 2011 morning was filled with buzz as the little ones of PP2A came dressed up as different characters of family as a part of interesting activities pertaining to their UOI ‘Family and Friends’. The class atmosphere was charged up with little grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, baby-brothers n sisters, uncles and aunts. Children of PP2B and PP1A were invited to be a part of the stage presentation put up by PP2A.

Each character came up on stage and spoke about how is he/she an important part of the family and what routine he/she follows. Then few characters came up to together to form a nuclear family. Likewise a joint family and an extended family members also came up as a group respectively. The event thus led to development of presentation skills and served as a platform to perform in front of an unknown group. Few enthusiastic members amongst the audience were also inspired and came up to stage to share their views on family members. Little ones of PP1A used puppets to express their feelings. Overall the entire event was a big hit with cute little performers and cheerful audience.

Dhanvanty Gargav - Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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