Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revisiting the Historical Times

The VI Graders went for a field trip on 18th Aug 2011 to the Salar Jung Museum, Nayapool, Hyderabad. The visit was made as a part of extended learning programme in social science (History). We visited the Western Gallery and the Indian Gallery. Grade VI A as part of their learning programme went to the Indian Gallery whereas Grade VI B went to the Western block.

They, for a while became the history detectives and made note of chronological events in history, importance of archeological excavations and reminiscence – its relevance in interpreting history. The visit was beneficial for students as it enhanced their observation and analytical skills, interpretation skills, correlation of the same to the past- present and critical evaluation skills.

Mrs. Veena Vinod (VI B) Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. M.V.Prasanti (VI A) Class Teacher

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