Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nurturing Nature

OIS Einstein Campus celebrated 65th Independence day by going green. We carried out a plantation drive in our campus in the form of an event named’ Nurturing Nature’. Mr. Santosh Banpur and Mr. Abhinav Gangumalla were guests of honour who are associated with ‘Hyderabad Goes Green’.

Children planted the little saplings in their respective zones which will grow into huge trees one day with their names engraved on the barks of the trees.

Hyderabad Goes Green aims to educate Hyderabadis on a green life style and provides them eco-friendly alternatives. They work with NGO’s and self-help groups to create livelihoods for urban poor and green products for citizens.

They have worked with lots of corporates and schools. Their major campaigns include Eco friendly holi colours and Green Ganesha. They also work with 250 families on waste management and thereby preventing 250 kgs of waste from going to landfill on a daily basis.

In future they plan to educate more children and youth about the various problems in environment so that when they become the decision makers, they choose sustainable alternatives and make the earth a better place to live.

- Kanchan Lele

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