Friday, August 26, 2011

The Junk Monster

The children of PP1 are always excited to learn new things and participate in learning activities.

The ongoing topic of the fortnight is “Healthy food and Junk food”. Having learnt about the basics of what consists “Junk” (through a presentation), the children were ready to have a hands-on feel of the proverbial “monstrous” effect of Junk food. And what better than actually creating a “monster” out of chips packets!

The activity: The children had brought empty chips packets from home (junk food is sooo common!). They loved creating monster-faces out of circular cutouts (big teeth, fiery eyes, etc) and stuck them on the “monster-body” (read – chips packet). And behold, the children had created the “junk-monster”!!

The learning: The idea of the exercise was to emphasize that junk food is bad. But I wondered if I had really managed to communicate the message to the young minds? And to put to rest all my doubts, one of the parents informed that her child had refused to touch pizza on their last weekend outing!! I think the activity has hit the nail on the head.

Sangita Saha, Class Teacher, PP1

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