Friday, August 19, 2011

ISA AWARD-ACTIVITY 2 - Story Writing


Today on August 19, 2011, students of grade I and II explored the stories in the library and online books to choose stories of different countries. They read the stories of different cultures, folktales and traditional stories from various countries and realized that stories always have an impact on people and are reflection of the culture.

Upon reading the stories children in pairs discussed the characters, the beginning and the end of the stories. They also discussed the reasons about their preference for the story. They reflected on the nature of the characters in the story. Students then selected a story and changed the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. They felt very happy and enthusiastic about the activity and worked individually on the task.

One of the children chose to replace one of the characters and wrote the whole story, few of them changed the beginning and most of them provided the extension of the same. The children built on their thinking skills by using alternative thinking process.

Children choose many different mediums to create the stories. They worked with the digital media to create stories.They shared their stories on E pals and also are getting in contact with other schools to share their stories.

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