Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ISA AWARD-ACTIVITY 2 - Narrating Stories


The student’s grade I and II had analyzed various stories told to them by various resource persons. These included our expat parents and interns. They had shared stories from the Tunisia, Slovakia, U.S and China. It was now the turn of our students to present their own stories after listening to the various stories.

On 9th August in our school campus, an event was organized to showcase their stories. Few of the students presented the stories they liked of different countries around the worlds and few presented their own written stories.

Few children also changed their stories into poems that lend the event its name “Read and Rhyme”.

Children very well understood that stories are mirrors of culture and traditions of people living around the globe and are told to make people realize the importance that story telling is a medium to inculcate values and traditions. It helped to develop their presenting skills and made them confident to present their learning in front of the audience.

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