Saturday, August 20, 2011

Germination of a new life

The first unit for grade I was on plants as a life sustaining resource for all living things. To develop the skill of observation and data collection, I planned to show the students the germination of seeds. All the students together sowed few gram seeds in small cups in the class. The task was they had to observe the change in the seed and record the data in a work sheet. The students were very enthusiastic and excited to do the activity.

Every morning as I would enter the class, I would see the students gathering near the window, discussing the changes in the seed sown by them. Then they would come running to me to share their views. Govind one day came and told me –“Mam, today the plant crossed the measurement of my finger. Divyesh immediately came and said-“Mam the plant had three leaves yesterday and today another new leave came out.

I was filled with satisfaction when the students were able to answer my questions and record their observations in the worksheet. My aim of planning the activity was fulfilled.

Rashmi Banerjee - Home Room teacher Grade-I A

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