Saturday, August 27, 2011

Future Leaders

An on-line competition was held for school students which was to discover future leaders of the country. All students from class VI- X registered for this competition.

The stage-1 of the discovery programme was held from 15th April to 15th of August, 2011. There are more two more stages. The third and final stage will be held amongst 100 most promising future leaders of the country in the premises of Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi. They will be participating in a variety of programmes throughout the day. The programme will be held in October / November, 2011.

Two students Anumita Jain from 6th Grade and Aarti from 9th grade from Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus have been selected for the stage-2 of the Online Future Leader Discovery Contest.

M.V.Prasanti - Class Teacher VI A and ICT teacher

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