Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebration of Independence Day and Rakshabandhan

On the 11th August, 2011 Pre-primary Teachers along with their children celebrated Independence day and Rakshabandhan festival. The celebration started around 10.30 am with an introduction on why Independence Day and Rakshabandhan are celebrated.

Children from Nursery presented a group song followed by PP1 and PP2 who sang “Nanha munna rahi hoon”. The PP1 and PP2 sang a group song. Expression in mother tongue was encouraged during the event. The children from PP2 (Aditya and friends) spoke in Hindi about the National flag. Varnika from PP2 explained, in Hindi and Tamil, about the Indian map which PP2 kids prepared collectively by palm painting. Few of the tiny tots also came onto the stage and shared their feelings in Telugu. Aashi from Nursery, also presented a Hindi rhyme.

Mrs. Ranjani and Mrs. Manjusha spoke about the importance of Rakshabandhan, why it is celebrated, our National flag, why Independence day is celebrated and also explained about the national emblem, national flower, fruit, animal and bird of our country. Then the children relished on burgers. They prepared rakhis by pasting sequins and painting. The teachers tied rakhis to the little ones. The celebrations concluded with the distribution of sweets and national flags. In all, children enjoyed the celebrations thoroughly.

Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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