Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Staying close to nature

In connection to our UOI topic-“Resources from plants”, I planned a field trip to the Forest Research Centre, Dullapally for 20-7-11. The trip aimed to help the students gain practical knowledge regarding parts of plants, types of plants, resources from plants etc.

As planned, we started from school at 10:30am and we reached our destination by 11:00 am. I was accompanied by Manas sir. The in-charge of the centre, Mr. Lokeshwar Rao gave us a warm welcome. Two staff from the centre was with us throughout the trip and they gave very valuable information regarding the resources. Govind was very much interested to see the small saplings. Kaushal always wanted to repeat the scientific names of the plants as told by the staff members. Divyesh spotted a bee hive and a nest on a tree and immediately said—“Mam, Trees are also home for animals”.

Students also got the opportunity to see the Sandal Wood, Eucalyptus, Silver Oak, Neem, Bamboo tree and many more. As a whole, after the trip the students deeply understood the importance of plants as a life sustaining resource for humans and other living things.

Rashmi Banerjee
Class Teacher (Grade I)

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