Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mathematics should be fun

On 22nd and 23rd July 2011, the Teacher Foundation conducted a work shop for Mathematics teachers. Ms. Gayathri from Bangalore conducted the workshop. She has 25 years of experience in teaching and is working as HOD in Mathematics. She is also into curriculum planning.

In the introduction, she spoke about the vision of teaching Mathematics. Vision is something you need to think and share with your partner. She stressed that children should enjoy Maths classes. In the next session, she discussed about the hundred chart ,spot a rule, spinners, number bricks etc. She explained how to use the hundred chart to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at primary level. She discussed about how to use geoboards in geometry classes.

On the second day we had a session on Tangrams, Toothpick, Magic Squares. The next session was on paper folding which enables one to teach Algebra, Geometry. We also had a session on origami and polyominoes. The use of match stick puzzles was shown to create interest in children.

Asha Suresh (Maths Teacher)

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