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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family is Forever

Real life experiences lead to longer retention of learning; keeping this in mind the little learners of PP2A and PP1A of Oakridge International School, Einstein campus, Hyderabad, were taken to a visit to meet different types of families on 30th July, 2011. The trip was facilitated by a teacher parent, Manjusha. We all went to a township on Nizampeth road and the tiny tots got the opportunity to interact with three different families.

First we visited a nuclear family where the learners identified different members and asked about their routines, hobbies etc. They also made friends with the little boy of the family who was same as the age group of our students. Then we visited a Joint family followed by visiting a family having some guests who were the extended family members. Our little ones gave the cards to them which they prepared collectively using painting techniques like ear bud painting, sand painting and thumb painting. They also gave saplings to each family as a token of lifelong remembrance. The tiny tots really enjoyed the interactions.

Dhanvanty Gargav - Team Leader (Pre-Primary) Class Teacher, PP2A

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New leaders sworn in

“Anyone can steer a ship
But it takes a leader to chart the course
And the Leaders are not born
They are made”

With the thought of inculcating leadership qualities among the learner and instilling in them a spirit to keep service before self, the school appoints student council.

In the wake of this, the school organized the investiture ceremony on the 27th of July, 2011.

The solemn ceremony commenced with the warm and cordial welcome accorded to the Principal Mrs. C. Adilakshmi by the school captain. It was followed by the majestic march past by the senior classes. The pride and the students march was a feast for the senses.

After that the Principal honoured the beaming student council by pinning badges.
The class representatives and associate class representatives were also announced. Principal awarded the badges to the class representatives and the associate class representatives were awarded with the badges by the Vice Principal.

Then came the most-awaited moments when the Principal administered the solemn oath to the council in which they pledged to be always up and doing and to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. After that Principal fired the spirit of the cabinet with her golden words.

These candidates had campaigned hard over the last month. The new student council bubbled with eagerness to perform.

Congratulations to the winners!
School Student Council:
President -Saheb (Xth)
Vice President
- Abiram (IXth)
Class Representative Xth- Vishal
Class Representative IXth- Avneesh
Associate Class Representative IX- Geetha
Class Representative VIIIth- Meghna
Associate Class Representative VIIIth- Nikhil
Class Representative VIIth- Tanish
Associate Class Representative VIIth- Sahith
Class Representative VIth- Shreyas
Associate Class Representative VIth- Shruti
Class Representative Vth- Anvi
Associate Class Representative Vth- Moukthika
Class Representative VIth- Yamini
Associate Class Representative VIth- Akansha

- Kanchan Lele

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mathematics should be fun

On 22nd and 23rd July 2011, the Teacher Foundation conducted a work shop for Mathematics teachers. Ms. Gayathri from Bangalore conducted the workshop. She has 25 years of experience in teaching and is working as HOD in Mathematics. She is also into curriculum planning.

In the introduction, she spoke about the vision of teaching Mathematics. Vision is something you need to think and share with your partner. She stressed that children should enjoy Maths classes. In the next session, she discussed about the hundred chart ,spot a rule, spinners, number bricks etc. She explained how to use the hundred chart to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at primary level. She discussed about how to use geoboards in geometry classes.

On the second day we had a session on Tangrams, Toothpick, Magic Squares. The next session was on paper folding which enables one to teach Algebra, Geometry. We also had a session on origami and polyominoes. The use of match stick puzzles was shown to create interest in children.

Asha Suresh (Maths Teacher)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Staying close to nature

In connection to our UOI topic-“Resources from plants”, I planned a field trip to the Forest Research Centre, Dullapally for 20-7-11. The trip aimed to help the students gain practical knowledge regarding parts of plants, types of plants, resources from plants etc.

As planned, we started from school at 10:30am and we reached our destination by 11:00 am. I was accompanied by Manas sir. The in-charge of the centre, Mr. Lokeshwar Rao gave us a warm welcome. Two staff from the centre was with us throughout the trip and they gave very valuable information regarding the resources. Govind was very much interested to see the small saplings. Kaushal always wanted to repeat the scientific names of the plants as told by the staff members. Divyesh spotted a bee hive and a nest on a tree and immediately said—“Mam, Trees are also home for animals”.

Students also got the opportunity to see the Sandal Wood, Eucalyptus, Silver Oak, Neem, Bamboo tree and many more. As a whole, after the trip the students deeply understood the importance of plants as a life sustaining resource for humans and other living things.

Rashmi Banerjee
Class Teacher (Grade I)

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