Friday, June 10, 2011

Tweens, Teens and Parenting

Workshop on ‘parenting by enhancing Emotional Quotient’ by Mrs. Pushpa and  Mrs.Mythili. Parents were shown a movie to understand the emotional bonding between the parent and the child. This was followed by an activity of clay modeling  to understand the fact that every child is unique.

They went through a questionnaire of self awareness. The parents were given a few case studies to work in a group and present their understanding. Parents were very enthusiastic and came up with wonderful ideas. Children also had wonderful fun activities along with their parents conducted by Mr. Sunny Khandelwal.

The parents were enlightened with wonderful tips on parenting by Dr.P.B. Srinivas, a well known psychologist.

Pushpa and Mythili

Clay Activity

Parents presenting their views

Parents and children enjoying the Fun Activities

Session on Parenting by Dr.P.B.Srinivas

Mrs.Mythili .B
Student’s Advisor

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