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Friday, June 24, 2011

Goal setting and leadership - An interactive session by Dr. Pattabhi Ram

On 16.6.2011 Dr. Pattabhi Ram, an eminent Psychologist, Philosopher and Hypnotist was invited to Oakridge International School, Bachupally campus. Addressing to student group ranging from Grade 6 to 10th, Dr. Pattabhi Ram spoke at length on leadership and goal setting. It was a very interesting and knowledge building exposure for all. While speaking about developing positive attitude to become successful leaders, he also stressed on the requirement of three traits to be successful in life. According to him one needs to develop strong desire or passion for one’s work, secondly developing correct attitude is essential, along with being creative. Only when all these 3 traits come together, we can become successful and achieve our goal. He also stressed on developing SMART goals. The students and teachers participated enthusiastically in the activities organized by him and enjoyed them thoroughly. The activity organized for demonstration of measuring ability to know the type of learner in the student, was the most interesting. The students did this demonstration with great zeal as they were keen to measure their own learning abilities. He ended the session with a very interesting magical trick to draw student’s attention towards being focused and achieving their goals.

Being an excellent orator Dr. Pattabhi  Ram, was  able to, in a very simple manner, leave a lasting impact on the students’ mind, while making his talk not only informative but also extremely interesting. It was a very useful and knowledgeable session for which we are thankful to Dr Pattabhi Ram.

My Experience with Dr. B.V Pattabhi Ram

My experience with Dr. B.V Pattabhi Ram will never be forgotten. I had learned so much in the so little time we had spent with him. He had not only taught us how to become leaders but also made me realize a few things about myself. I had learned through his talk that a positive attitude, lots of creativity, and a simple word called desire could take you places. And so, I would like to thank Dr. B.V Pattabhi Ram for lending some of his precious time so that we could open our eyes and reach for success.                       
Meghana Mulpuri
Grade VIII A

Having a renowned, experienced guest like Dr. B.V Pattabhi Ram at our school, the Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus was a great learning experience for us. We were very fortunate and privileged to experience his inspiring words.  We thank him for making us, students, recognize the leader in us.  His words have immensely elevated us.
Students of Grade IX
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tweens, Teens and Parenting

Workshop on ‘parenting by enhancing Emotional Quotient’ by Mrs. Pushpa and  Mrs.Mythili. Parents were shown a movie to understand the emotional bonding between the parent and the child. This was followed by an activity of clay modeling  to understand the fact that every child is unique.

They went through a questionnaire of self awareness. The parents were given a few case studies to work in a group and present their understanding. Parents were very enthusiastic and came up with wonderful ideas. Children also had wonderful fun activities along with their parents conducted by Mr. Sunny Khandelwal.

The parents were enlightened with wonderful tips on parenting by Dr.P.B. Srinivas, a well known psychologist.

Pushpa and Mythili

Clay Activity

Parents presenting their views

Parents and children enjoying the Fun Activities

Session on Parenting by Dr.P.B.Srinivas

Mrs.Mythili .B
Student’s Advisor
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