Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventure Camp

We went on an adventure camp to Vikarabad with our friends and teachers. There we arrived to a place called Trails. It was a forest area where they provided many adventurous activities to play and learn. There we played different types of games like, save the world and Roller coaster they were really fun and gave us the team sprit we needed. Burma Bridge, in this game we had to walk on the ropes. We had lunch and played some more games like Number plate, Flying fox and  went on Rock climbing. Horse riding was really awesome. The shock of the whole trip was that we had to cook our own dinner. We cooked some fried rice and had some fun around the bonfire and went to bed.   Next day started off really early with a awesome Jungle trek where we could see some deer. We enjoyed each and every activity, but the most we enjoyed was flying fox. Through these games we learnt that a group leader should see that everybody in the group is united, knows what his or her job is, be friendly, happy and see that everybody participates.
Hiranya  and Vasavi
Grade VII

 Together Everyone Can Achieve More

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