Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workshop on Classroom Management

Manipal Hillside Academy Jubile Hills  
29 January 2011.

The motive of the work shop was to have a glimpse of Classroom Management and Resource Management.
All the pre primary teachers from various schools were thrilled with the different strategies that were shared by Mrs.Subbalaxmi Coordinator of DRS & Mrs. Safura  Mubeen coordinator of  Einstein Campus.  A session on planning was given by Ms. Lydia of Manipal Hillside Academy. A checklist for planning  and to see whether  it is properly  being executed was discussed. Teachers were divided into groups to brainstorm on various resources used from the perspective of students, teachers & parents.
Insights on leading an inquiry with less or no resources and ways to become a successful teacher were also given. Ms. Safura while presenting the session on Classroom Management, emphasized  to have a  positive Classroom atmosphere, good team work  ,framing essential agreements with the students using IB Learner Profile .

Teacher PP-I

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