Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Colombo Model United Nations (COMUN) Conference

The students of Einstein Campus were given the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the United Nations, where they learnt about the organization and functions of the United Nations.
"Natural Disasters and humanitarian Crisis”
Over 800 students participated as delegates from different countries. There were three different committees each committee discussed a topic related to this theme through the course of the conference. The Session started on the first day, during the opening ceremony where the secretary general declared it open After, the Chair (the group of people who are responsible and hear you out) is done with the call, the conference turned its way towards the Moderated Caucus, where delegates passed different motions, and other delegates either second the motion or can report against it. When a delegate has a valid report, there would be voting either for or against. Delegates prepare their resolutions of what they wish the UN to do in written form. There were three conferences such as this in three days. It was an amazing experience to be in COMUN 2011
We thank our Principal for providing this opportunity. We thank Sonal maam and Veena maam for giving us the prior knowledge about the conference and Sylaja maam for supporting us throughout the trip.

Aditya, Mounica ,Avneesh,
Grade VIII

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