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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Einstein Toddlers at the Zoo

All children were geared up for the event with lots of enthusiasm and curiosity to explore the known and unknown environment of different Animals. As soon as we reached, all children were boarded into mini Trams, which took us on a guide tour through the zoo, covering all major points. At every possible site we got down to get the closer look at the animals. Children were excited to see Elephants, White Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Wild deer, Wild Cow, Deer, Antelope, Tiger, The King of Jungle--Lion. It was so amusing to see the excitement in the air, as one of our children Varnika (pp1a) exclaimed “Maam, is it real?” She was so amazed to see the Big Tortoise actually eating leaves. It was an awesome sight to see and hear all children singing together merrily and happily.
To their delight, they saw some huge Ostrich Birds, Pelicans, White Peacocks, Parrots, Storks, Normal Peacocks, Ducks, and Swans from the Birds family. Journey on the toy train was wonderful.

Ms. Padmavathi (teacher)
PP-I Grade
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Visit to Treasure House

The little toddlers from the Einstein campus visited the “treasure house” on 7th March 2011. Our children were received with a warm welcome by the staff of treasure house at the entrance. Children were mesmerized listening to the stories from the Arabian nights. Children felt that they were sitting next to Sultan Shahriar and listening to the stories narrated by Shaherazade. They enjoyed buying the ticket and boarding the room where they met Thomas crook’s engine. Children liked the resource room which had immense collection of books. They were excited being a part of the activity room which had a good collection of puzzles and books which were easy to read.
It was a wonderful experience! Students enjoyed every bit of it.

Ms. Vidya  (Class teacher)
Grade  II
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Workshop on Classroom Management

Manipal Hillside Academy Jubile Hills  
29 January 2011.

The motive of the work shop was to have a glimpse of Classroom Management and Resource Management.
All the pre primary teachers from various schools were thrilled with the different strategies that were shared by Mrs.Subbalaxmi Coordinator of DRS & Mrs. Safura  Mubeen coordinator of  Einstein Campus.  A session on planning was given by Ms. Lydia of Manipal Hillside Academy. A checklist for planning  and to see whether  it is properly  being executed was discussed. Teachers were divided into groups to brainstorm on various resources used from the perspective of students, teachers & parents.
Insights on leading an inquiry with less or no resources and ways to become a successful teacher were also given. Ms. Safura while presenting the session on Classroom Management, emphasized  to have a  positive Classroom atmosphere, good team work  ,framing essential agreements with the students using IB Learner Profile .

Teacher PP-I
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The Colombo Model United Nations (COMUN) Conference

The students of Einstein Campus were given the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the United Nations, where they learnt about the organization and functions of the United Nations.
"Natural Disasters and humanitarian Crisis”
Over 800 students participated as delegates from different countries. There were three different committees each committee discussed a topic related to this theme through the course of the conference. The Session started on the first day, during the opening ceremony where the secretary general declared it open After, the Chair (the group of people who are responsible and hear you out) is done with the call, the conference turned its way towards the Moderated Caucus, where delegates passed different motions, and other delegates either second the motion or can report against it. When a delegate has a valid report, there would be voting either for or against. Delegates prepare their resolutions of what they wish the UN to do in written form. There were three conferences such as this in three days. It was an amazing experience to be in COMUN 2011
We thank our Principal for providing this opportunity. We thank Sonal maam and Veena maam for giving us the prior knowledge about the conference and Sylaja maam for supporting us throughout the trip.

Aditya, Mounica ,Avneesh,
Grade VIII
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The second Founders day at Einstein Campus

It all started with a grand Birthday celebration by the children of Nursery, PP-I and PP-II. It was fun to see kids popping out of the gift boxes to participate in the party. This was followed by a scintillating cultural show performed by the entire student fraternity of the school. The concert was an attempt to sensitize and create awareness towards the deteriorating global climatic conditions. This was artistically accomplished through various dance forms like the ballet, Chinese dragon dance, martial art dance etc. Other performances included a symphony of orchestra with students playing modern instruments like flute, violin guitar and traditional instruments like table and sitar on the other hand. Taking the international spirit further, the school choir presented songs in foreign languages like Turkish and Spanish.

The occasion was honored by  Padmashri Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, an eminent Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer  who motivated the students to fervently work towards their chosen goals, that could be performing arts like theatre, dance, music, writing or fields like medicine and engineering.“Follow your passion and you will arrive at the zenith”,she said.

The other notable guests present on the occasion were Mr. Tummala Nagaprasad, Chairman, People Combine Group and Principals from other city schools. The Principal of OIS, Einstein Campus Ms. C. Adilakshmi presented the Annual report and apprised the parents and guests with the manifest progress of the school.

The School Captain, Bibhuti Mishra gave a speech on leadership qualities he acquired over time since he took over this responsible portfolio.

Vivek Nanduri, Cultural Captain gave the Vote of Thanks and representing the entire school, shared his gratitude towards the school authorities for providing them adequate opportunities for their multi-dimensional growth. The event was a huge success.

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