Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Supportive Instruction Unit Oakridge International School Newton and Einstein Campus

        Supportive Instructors of Newton and Einstein campus along with our School Psychologist Dr.Shakila Naidu attend a 3 day workshop on PREP and COGENT conducted by Dr.J.P.Das the Author of the book ”Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia.” The book is an Interpretation for the teachers for a valid Remedial procedure.
Mr.J.P.Das is professor of Educational Psychology and Emeritus Director of the J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities centre at the University of Alberta Edmonton Canada. He was inducted as the Fellow of the Royal society of Canada for his original contribution to the field of Intelligence.
The Workshop was organized by DAAP (Dyslexia Association of Andhra Pradesh).
The workshop was about PASS Reading Enhancement program (PREP) and Cognitive Enhancement Program. PASS is  Planning – Attention – Simultaneous – Successive the four major processes that replace the traditional views of IQ and redefine Intelligence.
The terminology may sound a bit complicated but the simple thing that we have to understand while dealing with children with ADHD or other Learning Difficulties is that the input which the child is getting is only External  Input  and not the Internal input or as we call it the COGNITIVE approach is missing. Basically there are two operations Arithmetic and Comprehensive and both need Cognitive approach.
It was a nice exposure for the Supportive Instructors and a good learning experience as we had an opportunity to meet professionals from different states.

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