Tuesday, February 8, 2011

‘Self Awareness’ day by Green Rangers

The Green Rangers at Einstein Campus observed 8th February as ‘Self Awareness’ day at the school.
The soldiers fighting against air pollution went to each grade and informed the students about air pollution as a threat to a healthy lifestyle. The various lifestyle change mottos were presented interactively in the form of a group game (unraveling the jumbled words of different sentences based on ways to prevent air pollution).  The students enthusiastically participated and the ideas were innovatively introduced.
God gave us so many things. Let’s all return him something by preserving what he gave us. This was one of the slogans from, on the spot slogan competition wherein car stickers were handed over as prizes.
Thus it was a fun filled educative experience for all across grade 1 to 9.

Ritvik (IIIA) reflecting on his understanding of preventive measures of air pollution.
Preparation for self awareness activities.
  Mounika speaking about the ill effects of air pollution and preventive measures that can be taken.
  Engrossed in unraveling the jumbled sentence.

                                                                                           Sonal and Sunita
                                                                                    Green rangers core Team

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