Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Rangers @ VRS residential school

On the 14th of February our Green Rangers’ team (Loukya, Mounika & Avneesh) went to VRS and VJR Residential school, Bachupally. We met the Principal Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi and explained to her our initiative and our goal as Green Rangers. We then met 7th graders. We spoke about the causes, effects and measures to prevent air pollution. We conducted activities like word search, crossword puzzle and jumbled sentences based on the effects and measures of air pollution. We distributed posters to the first five students who completed the puzzles first. We distributed stickers to all the students who attended the session. We had a good learning experience and the interaction with the VRS and VJR students was interesting.

Loukya, Mounika & Avneesh

 VRS and VJR school staff with the Green Rangers team

Engrossed in the activities……….

Solving the puzzles

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  1. The students doing well in their final board exams is a result of the regular classes and the importance laid down on curriculum.

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