Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Action @ Inorbit Mall by Green Rangers

It may be a drop in the ocean but every drop creates a ripple and every ripple a wave!

Oakridgers did just the same with their environment friendly action oriented tasks on this weekend(5th & 6th of February) at Inorbit Mall.They were excited to have been at the forefront of initiating a change in the mindset of the people with regards to air pollution and keeping our environment clean.
At the Mall, Loukya and Geetha went about performing a skit which showed the future of Hyderabad, if corrective action was not taken at the latest. It was well received and the skit was enacted many-a-times. They invited people to their stall and received encouragement for their effort. Abhiram, Nikhil, Bhibhuthi, Sanjay, Vivek and Akshay went about getting 187 pledges signed and talking about air pollution to all. The interactive word searches and crosswords were a big hit and in few instances people came back for more.
This interaction enriched their interpersonal communication and brought the project closer to their hearts.
Get going Green Rangers…………………………

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