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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Rangers @ VRS residential school

On the 14th of February our Green Rangers’ team (Loukya, Mounika & Avneesh) went to VRS and VJR Residential school, Bachupally. We met the Principal Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi and explained to her our initiative and our goal as Green Rangers. We then met 7th graders. We spoke about the causes, effects and measures to prevent air pollution. We conducted activities like word search, crossword puzzle and jumbled sentences based on the effects and measures of air pollution. We distributed posters to the first five students who completed the puzzles first. We distributed stickers to all the students who attended the session. We had a good learning experience and the interaction with the VRS and VJR students was interesting.

Loukya, Mounika & Avneesh

 VRS and VJR school staff with the Green Rangers team

Engrossed in the activities……….

Solving the puzzles
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Green Rangers @ Miyapur Petrol Bunk.

On the 14th of February we went to the Miyapur Petrol Bunk as Green Rangers to make people aware of air pollution. We felt privileged and proud to be a part of this campaign. We met people who came to fill petrol for their vehicles and informed them about the ways to prevent their vehicles from polluting the environment. We requested them take a  pledge to prevent the known enemy ‘AIR POLLUTION’ .

Aditya & Vijay.

Taking action………..

Signing the pledge
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Green Rangers @ Miyapur Petrol Bunk

We, the Green Rangers arrived at the filling station at 9.30 a.m. and it was a frenzy of traffic.  We went to meet all the drivers. Most of the people took out time to listen to us about the  air pollution, it”s causes, effects and controlling measures. They were ready to fill in the pledge forms. 

This was a historic moment for us as Green Rangers. We were happy to find that people are willing to  save the nature which means that people are willing to save the earth as a whole.
We were also extremely happy to contribute towards the good cause as young students.

Sarth & Abraar

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buddy's Buzz..............

Buddy's Day Out Event on 06/02/2011

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

‘Self Awareness’ day by Green Rangers

The Green Rangers at Einstein Campus observed 8th February as ‘Self Awareness’ day at the school.
The soldiers fighting against air pollution went to each grade and informed the students about air pollution as a threat to a healthy lifestyle. The various lifestyle change mottos were presented interactively in the form of a group game (unraveling the jumbled words of different sentences based on ways to prevent air pollution).  The students enthusiastically participated and the ideas were innovatively introduced.
God gave us so many things. Let’s all return him something by preserving what he gave us. This was one of the slogans from, on the spot slogan competition wherein car stickers were handed over as prizes.
Thus it was a fun filled educative experience for all across grade 1 to 9.

Ritvik (IIIA) reflecting on his understanding of preventive measures of air pollution.
Preparation for self awareness activities.
  Mounika speaking about the ill effects of air pollution and preventive measures that can be taken.
  Engrossed in unraveling the jumbled sentence.

                                                                                           Sonal and Sunita
                                                                                    Green rangers core Team

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Action @ Inorbit Mall by Green Rangers

It may be a drop in the ocean but every drop creates a ripple and every ripple a wave!

Oakridgers did just the same with their environment friendly action oriented tasks on this weekend(5th & 6th of February) at Inorbit Mall.They were excited to have been at the forefront of initiating a change in the mindset of the people with regards to air pollution and keeping our environment clean.
At the Mall, Loukya and Geetha went about performing a skit which showed the future of Hyderabad, if corrective action was not taken at the latest. It was well received and the skit was enacted many-a-times. They invited people to their stall and received encouragement for their effort. Abhiram, Nikhil, Bhibhuthi, Sanjay, Vivek and Akshay went about getting 187 pledges signed and talking about air pollution to all. The interactive word searches and crosswords were a big hit and in few instances people came back for more.
This interaction enriched their interpersonal communication and brought the project closer to their hearts.
Get going Green Rangers…………………………

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Supportive Instruction Unit Oakridge International School Newton and Einstein Campus

        Supportive Instructors of Newton and Einstein campus along with our School Psychologist Dr.Shakila Naidu attend a 3 day workshop on PREP and COGENT conducted by Dr.J.P.Das the Author of the book ”Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia.” The book is an Interpretation for the teachers for a valid Remedial procedure.
Mr.J.P.Das is professor of Educational Psychology and Emeritus Director of the J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities centre at the University of Alberta Edmonton Canada. He was inducted as the Fellow of the Royal society of Canada for his original contribution to the field of Intelligence.
The Workshop was organized by DAAP (Dyslexia Association of Andhra Pradesh).
The workshop was about PASS Reading Enhancement program (PREP) and Cognitive Enhancement Program. PASS is  Planning – Attention – Simultaneous – Successive the four major processes that replace the traditional views of IQ and redefine Intelligence.
The terminology may sound a bit complicated but the simple thing that we have to understand while dealing with children with ADHD or other Learning Difficulties is that the input which the child is getting is only External  Input  and not the Internal input or as we call it the COGNITIVE approach is missing. Basically there are two operations Arithmetic and Comprehensive and both need Cognitive approach.
It was a nice exposure for the Supportive Instructors and a good learning experience as we had an opportunity to meet professionals from different states.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Show and Tell by PP2A

On 29th January, 2011 Oakridge International School, Einstein campus organized an event called ‘Show and Tell’ for little brigade of PP2. The event aimed at providing an opportunity to the little ones to enhance and showcase their communication and presentation skills. The event was connected to ongoing Unit of Inquiry ‘Celebrations’ and the young ones were given freedom to choose what they want to tell about. There was a wide range of options including artifacts, power point slides, persons, drawings or clay work related to the celebrations. The little ones were very confident on the stage and presented themselves very well, contending the hearts of their parents. Overall the entire event was a great success, achieving its goals and admiration from parents t.

By- Dhanvanty Gargav, Team Leader (Pre-Primary)

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Read & Rhyme

William Safire rightly said “By elevating your reading, you will improve your writing or at least tickle your thinking”.

Grade III did just that on the 29th of January in their read n rhyme event. It was an event to enhance their reading and presentation skills with good intonation and accent.

The children picked various books from their class library and resource corner on diverse topics related to fiction as well as non-fiction, like moral stories, articles from newspapers, poems, book reports and so on.

All the parents’ presence added to the festive look which looked marvelous with the right ambience for the children to read. The parents not only observed their children read but also assessed them on their performance.

Thus this event escalated the children’s interest to read, write, think and appreciate prose and poetry forms of literature to a great extent.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

show and Tell Grade I

The event was organized to help the children to
•    Express their own feelings in response to visual presentations using appropriate vocabulary and grammar skills.
•    Use gestures, actions, body language and words to communicate orally using simple sentences.

The little ones were free to choose any article special to them which may be a toy, cartoon character, school, friend, brother, sister, parents, or it may be any family outing. During the practice sessions, they were free to express their feelings by showing what they were talking about.
The parents proved to be the best cheerleaders; their enthusiasm and encouragement had a great impact on children’s presentation. Clapping loud was the greatest reward for the performers. Overall it was a great event which helped the students a lot in combating stage fear and gaining confidence. Parents observed drastic change in the confidence level of students, which was  highly appreciated.

Grade I   

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In connection with the ongoing POI topic ‘’windows of our culture’’ grade 4 children went on fieldtrip to Salarjung Museum. Children learnt that artifacts reflect the culture of different regions in the world. Students observed all the artifacts from different centuries and understood that rituals, traditions and artifacts provide a window into the beliefs and values of cultures.

Class Teacher
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Republic Day

Oakridge International School-Eistein Campus celebrated  the 62 Republic day with a spirit of devotion towards the motherland. Students were all traditionally dressed. Our Principal, Mrs. Adilakshmi hoisted the National Flag. The school choir echoed with melodious patriotic songs. The Principal addressed the gathering by sharing how the day holds immense importance in the history of democratic India. The supreme sacrifice by the freedom fighters was brought forth by impressing the students.

As a part of the CAS, our school ayahs were given an opportunity to dance and sing. They were gifted with wrist  watch as a token of appreciation for the services rendered by them.

Thus Republic Day was celebrated with patriotic fervor.

Lalitha Shobana
Team Leader
Grade V
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Bees’ Competition conducted by North South Foundation Report

Oakridge International School strives to provide everyone the most positive experience possible while challenging them to be their best. Academic competitions help the students develop their basic skills and knowledge through positive reinforcement for the benefit of the students.

North South Foundation encourages excellence in education by organizing Spelling Bee, Math Bee and other educational contests for children.

Bees got their name by quite a roundabout route. The first bees’ competition conducted in Hyderabad by North South Foundation hosted by Phoenix Greens School of Learning was on 23rd January 2011 between 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

There were 26 participants from Grade IV –VIII. The participants congregated in the venue with anxiety. The Spelling Bee was conducted in three phases whereas the Math and the Science Bee had only one phase. Many students went through various levels but few were selected for the final phase for spelling bee.

List of participants


By end of the day, as we were waiting for the announcements of the results with curiosity, the results  came with a bang.To our anticipation, we bagged many prizes as it was a proud moment for the teachers, students as well as the parents.

List of prize winners:

Spelling Bee
Senior Level
Anumita Jain (GradeV)-1st Prize
Math Bee
Intermediate & senior
Anumita Jain         (Grade V)-2nd Prize
Shreyas Guntur      (Grade V)-1st Prize

Science Bee
Anumita Jain         (Grade V)-2nd Prize
Rishikesh              (Grade VII)-2nd Prize

Lalitha Shobana.R

Team Leader 

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