Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to “Play Den”

Little brigade of Pre-Primary showcased their learning in their own sweet way which is “Play”. The occasion was the school exhibition on December 19, 2010 and the Pre-primary wing was named as ‘Play Den’.

 The Nursery children invited their parents for ‘A Day in Nursery’ and involved the parents in various activities thereby exhibiting the development of different skills. The parents thus got an insight of how their little ones holistic development is taking place, through exciting activities like mystery bag, coloring pictures, fix me up, follow the leader etc.

Tiny tots of PP1 and PP2 engaged and facilitated the parents and visitors to play many interesting and innovative games. Each game was related to the essential elements of PYP curriculum and was not only a fun filled experience but also lead to the understanding of the concept, gain of knowledge, development of skills and acquisition of profile attributes. On the whole the entire ‘Play Den’ was highly appreciated by all.

Parent’s Speak:
‘Children were really excited and were well prepared.’ – Shikha Tyagi , parent of Ayushman, PP2A.
‘Good idea. This is a good idea about the creativity of doing things. Bringing about the feeling to do and achieve something.’ – Poornima Subramanyam, parent of Aditya, PP2A.
‘Awesome energy. Thank You for creating the opportunity.’ - Vijay Guntur, parent of Kaushal, PP2A.
‘What a fun and educating experience.’ – Seema Kantak, parent of Inika, PP2A.
‘Good job!!! Keep up the good work. All the best.’ – Sachin Gopra, parent of Aadi, PP1A.
‘Superb! I love it.’ – Sanghamitra, parent of Vasu Dev, Nursery A.
‘It was good job again. Keep it up.’ – Vinita Nigam, parent of Rishi, Nursery A.

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