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Emerging Entrepreneurs -An exhibition

Welcome to the Exhibition at Einstein Campus……….
The theme for our exhibition was taken up as’ Entrepreneurship’. We selected this theme especially to make our students aware of their entrepreneurship skills, knowledge and attitudes—and whether they can gain any significant success in these areas. Bringing entrepreneurship education into the community support infrastructure, poses one of the more important economic development issue. As part of the new strategy for job creation, entrepreneurship education holds promise as an integral component in a community's venture support system.
The past few weeks, has been a roller coaster ride for our student .The excitement, the elation and the sense of achievement, created an unique and beautiful atmosphere in the school. The learning, as you will get to see, is impressive. Starting from brainstorming, to picking up an idea, working on it as a team to produce and market it, has been a very fruitful and extremely exciting journey for our students, including the little ones from Grade Three.

Hence our aim, to give our students an exposure in this field, has been a success and we are thankful to all who have contributed and helped us in achieving this aim

Journey of Our Emerging Entrepreneurs ………….

Taking the guidance of adults around

Enjoying their Jingles

On the Day of the Exhibition……..
Of  the final products…..

Grade I & II
Little creators
Little creators” as the name suggests, the I and II graders created the most innovative things using all the so called waste products around them. Children had an immense learning experience from this exhibition.
They put their creative things under the themes –
•    Creativity at its best
•    Wealth out of waste
•    Earth matters
The children were enthusiastic while explaining about their products to all the guests.
The guest showed their appreciation by praising the “little Creators”.

Parents Speak:
“It’s a great idea to conduct an exhibition like this. It gives a lot of strength to the children and encourage them to make more” - Mrs. Krishna Priya,  Parent of  V. Anurag ( Grade I)

“It is a wonderful event. I think it makes the kids more creative and practical.” - Mrs.B.V.K.Durga, Parent of Aditya. D  ( Grade I)

“This event is extraordinary. Thanks to the school management and teachers.”  - Mr.Ramesh Revuru, Parent of Mayank.R.( Grade I)
‘‘All the kids have done a great job. I liked the little candy pouches the most”  - Mrs. Anita,  Parent of Shravanya ( Grade II)
“Great team work and lots of creativity” - Mrs. K. Nirguna,  Parent of Pratham  ( Grade II)
“Good exposure of to new attitudes and thoughts in a innovative manner” - Mr.Vidya Sagar,  Parent of Sreya Batula  (Grade II)

Grade III

Grade III did booming business of fusion bookmarks. The secret of their success was their handmade, durable and colorful bookmarks. At this juvenile age, they justified the role of emerging entrepreneurs being played by them as they made a whopping 150% profit. Mr. Shomie Das, the directors of the board, the chief guest and the parents were awestruck by the presentational skills of the students. The students worked passionately in every related department like designing a bookmark, naming their business, designing a logo for the business, advertising using jingle, brochures, flyers, door hangers and posters, maintaining accounts, making pie charts and bar graphs on profit, using Spanish, Telugu, Hindi, French and English to make posters, enhancing multiple intelligences  and getting reflection from customers. Thus the exhibition was truly an enriching experience for the students, teachers and parents.

Response …!
“Your beautiful bookmarks will now ensure that the forced pauses that I encounter while reading my favourite books will be very pleasant. Good value for money”-Adi Lakshmi
" A product close to my heart." - Mr. Shomie Das.
“Simplicity of idea, superb application of thought, a memorable experience for the participants, value for our money and above all long lasting bond between the buyer and seller just like the book and the bookmark. Hats off!”  Priston
“Your little bookmarks have darted an awareness about reading at Oakridge has started. You have sown a seed of a good habit to read.” Pushpa
 Reflection by students:
 “I have learnt that it is not easy to make a product and sell it. We went through at least 10 to 12 stages before making a bookmark.” - Meghana Govind

Grade IV

The whole process was extremely enjoyable. We did the survey on some daily life problems and decided to make a nontoxic product to kill cockroaches. The whole class was divided into groups: marketing and advertisement, finance, research and development, manufacturing unit, sales department and customer care etc.
Everybody involved themselves in the whole process and the program went on a successful note.
“I learnt about entrepreneurship and the whole process of business. I enjoyed designing the fliers and posters for our product.” (Eeshadhi grade IV)
“I understood now that it’s very difficult to convince people to buy a product. They ask too many questions.”(Keerthi grade IV)

“We are happy that our daughter learnt about entrepreneurship. We hope this experience will help her in present and future as well.” - (Mr G.Srinivas) Parent
“The whole process was presented very well and it was informative.” - (Mrs chandan) Parent
“It was an experiential learning to students. Fantastic job!”.  - (Mrs. Aslam) Parent

Grade V

‘Emerging Entrepreneur’ as the title goes, is to prepare the young entrepreneurs to become aware of the role of an entrepreneur. We, the students of Grade V who enrolled ourselves as ‘Young Oaks’ began by creating a logo after a lot of inquiry. Students began their survey to find the need gap of in the society. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided on two products which were First Aid Kit and Pencil Holders. We designed our inquiry cycle which is as follows:

•    Business plan
•    Taking a survey
•    Deciding the product
•    Buying the raw materials
•    Making the products
•    Marketing the product
•    Selling the product
•    Knowing the supply and demand of the product 
•    Knowing the profit/loss
•    Looking over the business plan again
•    Improvising the product

Students’ participation with great enthusiasm and zeal to achieve their target was obvious during the process. They worked systematically by creating the catalogue, receipts, order forms, banners, flyers, advertising the products,   maintaining accounts, lucky draw coupons, getting the reflections from the customers and improvising the product. The lucky draw was one of the most exciting part during the process. Hence the exhibition was a pragmatic experience for the students, teachers as well as parents which brought forth the hidden treasure within the students.
Parents’ reflection:
“Students are very much involved in explaining the products. Overall it looks good.”-Prabhakar Reddy(Parent)
“Very real and useful knowledge. Thoughtful of you teachers to have chosen a theme of ‘Entrepreneurs.”-Vijay (Parent)
Students’ reflection:
“I learnt the process involved during entrepreneurship”.  Geethika
“I understood how business works and how an entrepreneur thinks.” Anumita Jain

Grade VI

Crazy Tummies
A Place Where the Tummy Says Yummy!

We decided to open a healthy snack center because we realized its need gap in the campus as many students forget to carry their snacks from home. We did a survey in our community, school, and also online to understand the needs accurately. We decided on making homemade chocolate, dry fruit packs, and peanut bars. We first came up with a name for our stall: Crazy Tummies. We had lots of fun and sold almost all of our supply of chocolate as the demand was very high. Everyone had a great experience! This was a great opportunity which we enjoyed with a great zeal for learning.
Parent’s comments:
1.    Paraq (parent of Urja) –   Very good event. It helped students to build confidence on the selling process
2.    Aparna (parent of Bhavya) – Would-be good chocolate entrepreneurs
3.    Shomi Das sir – More individuality needed. Should have better understanding of costs and sales.
4.    Kalyan Swamy   (grandparent of Maanasa) –   Very imaginative and original. Great! Keep it up.

Student’s comments:
1.    Vasavi – I loved the whole process. I think we did great in the presentation part of the exhibition.
2.    Joelle- It was a very exciting experience I enjoyed it very much.
3.    Maanasa- It was great experience learning about entrepreneurship and I had fun.
4.    Rishika- I learned a lot and I had fun along the way and it was a great experience.
5.    Vijay-I loved the exhibition and I cannot forget this exhibition.
6.    Sahith-I had lots of fun in being the part of this great experience of selling our products in the stall and learned about entrepreneurship.

Grade VII

Emerging Entrepreneur, the theme for our exhibition was an eye opener for us. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided on customized calendars and laptop tables as our final products.  A market survey showed that our products were in demand and we received enthusiastic feedbacks from the perspective customers. We were then guided by our teachers through the different steps of a business plan, like surveying, designing, costing, marketing, advertising, selling, etc. We were divided into groups and given responsibilities accordingly. We had to visit to different printers to know the process of printing the customized cale4ndars and also to work out the costing of our product. Then we started taking orders for desk calendars and wall cale3ndars for which we collected high resolution pictures of people and their loved ones which we then used to design our calendars. We also designed a laptop table and after some errors could produce a perfect one.
On the day of exhibition we were elated to see the response of our guests who highly appreciated our sample products. Overall it was a resounding success and the best part is it gave us immense exposure to the whole process of business venture .It was a unique learning experience which will definitely help us in the future in all walks of life.

It was a great learning process and a nice experience to learn about entrepreneurship. The exhibition channeled everyone’s hidden qualities that no one knew they had in the first place. We have learned a lot from the exhibition   -Students of 7 A
“Very innovative and creative. Especially  the laptop table.” – Mr. Shomie Das
“Good and innovative idea. Keep it up.” –  Mr. M. Prasanna
“Very nice product and good idea, but can develop further in the field of innovation”. Parent
“Great to see memories forever from “Xpressions” 2011  from seventh graders”. Parent
 “The ideas were also practical, and there was a good display of ideas and good presentations.
 Keep up the good work”. Parent

Grade VIII

The GR8 Buzzers Pvt. Ltd. creatively worked towards composing Buzz…: The ’Teen Magazine’. The students of Grade VIII unleashed their ingenuity by writing interesting articles for the magazine. The magazine turned out to be an interactive work of creativity which included stories, poems, paintings, Sudoku, Crosswords, Mazes etc. Simultaneously, the students explored the less travelled and intricate path of becoming ‘Entrepreneurs’. The students lived the entire cycle of a business: starting from the evolution of an idea to making profits and finally sharing their profits with the less privileged through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The complete process of exhibition was an eventual learning process for the students and teachers as well.
The parents highly applauded the efforts put in by the students and gave a very positive and encouraging feedback which inspired the students to take up greater challenges with increasing passion.
“I really liked the whole project. It is really great to teach the kids about CSR which is one of the primary needs of our country.”
Mr. Laxminarayana Yepuri (Parent of Mounika Yepuri)
“India needs more ‘entrepreneurs’. This sure is a great way to enable the way forward.” Mr. Subba Rao N.V. (Parent of Aditya N.V.)
I was a great experience and I learnt a lot. I am surely motivated to become an entrepreneur in future. Geetha Thatikonda
It was an educational and knowledgeable experience. As the CEO of GR8 Buzzers Pvt. Ltd., it was thrilling to see our product become a success. Avneesh Garimella
Grade IX

We had a lot of expectations on our heads as we were the senior most class. We had to do a good job. Our original idea was to sell T-Shirts and Comics, but later on, the Comics were replaced with Music CDs’. Our company’s name was Niga 9 with the caption “your choice”, and everyone played a critical role. My job was to advertise our products, and sell them. I also had the added responsibilities of creating our business plan, and documenting our results. But, I did not back down from my job, and fulfilled my duties to my full potential. We were split into six different groups. These groups were: Marketing, Advertising, Accounts, Sales, Documentation and Survey. I was in Advertising, Sales, Documentation, and Survey. We went around advertising our products and our main goal was to sell it to the people. This was my Sales part. We got competition from the other grades in our school, who were also selling their own products. But, the highlight of this whole exhibition was that it taught us teamwork. I had to go to different places to advertise our products. It requires a lot of self-confidence and good communication skills. I learnt how to exhibit my point of view in public, and I also learnt how to address a mass crowd. This was really helpful as it will be of great use in the coming years. Last but not least, I learnt how to co-operate with other, and how to solve our difference. Everyone has different point of views, and some people just don’t want to think in a different perspective. I learnt how to exhibit my point of view and I also learned how to convince other people to either think over their ideas or to look at new possibilities. We also learnt how to look out for opportunities, as an entrepreneur depends on other people’s problems so that he can invent or re-utilize something to fill in the necessary gaps.
I really enjoyed this exhibition and I hope the school continues to conduct such exhibitions as it really helps students to realize their potential so that they can improve on them for the future. I would like to thank my school, and everyone associated with the exhibition so that we could all learn from it. Last but not least, I would like to thank my class teacher, and fellow classmates who have been really supportive and I hope we did a good job.    
We had a very good and encouraging feedback along with few suggestions from the parents who visited our stall.
Bibhuti Bushan Mishra,  IX grade

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