Friday, December 3, 2010

Exciting upcoming Event Expression Rainbow

Give your imagination a destination
A story, a script, some dialogues and direction,
Some lights, some action
Some trophies, some reactions,
Imagine the joy
Of having your own production.

A role in a reel,
Some expressions you feel
Some tunes in your mind
Some characters you find

Do grab this chance,
Quite in advance.
Show us your creation,
And gain a lot of adulation

For those that are considering sharpening their skills, this short term film making workshop for high school students offers the most challenging and rewarding experience of their lives. Gaining unsurpassed real world experience and preparing them for  a  career  in  film making,  acting  for  film,  screenwriting,  producing, cinematography, 3D animation or musical theater. You are welcome to register your students in this short-term workshop on film making by DQ Entertainment(International), organized by Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus, which will culminate with a competition.

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