Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Live Your Dreams

On December 14, Sanketh from Newton campus and I Vishal from grade 9, along with Malini mam, our science teacher, visited the Rainbow Hospital and as soon as we arrived there we were escorted to the Board Room and the Board Room was basically a group of doctors discussing the conditions of the patients and they also decide whether the patient should be discharged or stay longer for treatment or surgery. After the meeting we went on rounds this was when we went to the different wards of the hospital and observed the patients, the main doctor, Dr. Ramesh Kancharla explained the symptoms, cures, and safety procedures taken for the patient. Next we followed the doctor back to his clinic and he examined walk-in patients like a normal day, finally we ended the day with a tour of the hospital we saw the ICU, NICU, MICU, and the cancer department this was a great experience for me because hospitals usually don’t allow students to visit the important sectors of the hospital so I learned a lot from this trip.

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