Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Expression Rainbow

Workshop on film making by DQ Entertainment (International),
Organized by Oakridge International School, Einstein Campus,

On 10 December 2010, Oakridge International School Einstein Campus hosted an Interschool Competition called Expression Rainbow.  The activity that was held during 2-day event was on short-filmmaking.  On Friday we were taught how to start our film-making procedure and the basic concepts about film-making.  On Friday, we had the training part of the program.  It started with the inauguration of the event.  The inauguration started with the lighting of the lamp followed by the speech of our guest Mr. Victor of Maa T.V.
A  general idea about the competition was explained by our honorable Principal Ma'am.  We were escorted to the science lab where all the fun began.   We were fortunate to have instructors from DQ entertainment to help us through the process.  After the day was over, we were told to get ready for Day 2. . . 
We had to make 30 slides. Pictures were taken by all the teams for the competition going all around the school. We had to think and locate the places related to our story line.  Everyone was busy the whole day to the extent that some were refusing to take a break and eat lunch! It was nice to see children from schools like DAV, Manipal Hill Side Academy, Indus World School, Sreenidhi, Chirec & Bhavans running around the school, searching for beautiful locations.  Then using software's, ex. Movie Maker, the teams created their short-films.  Then all the short films were presented to the judges and everyone was escorted to the closing ceremony.  Here a few words were given by the judges.  Then the winners were announced.  DPS won first prize while D.A.V were the runner-ups.  It was a wonderful experience.
Grade VIII

Teams taking photographs in different locations




Comments of the participants………!

“Workshop is exceptionally good expecting more”   Manipal Hillside Academy.
“Do hold the workshop again and call us” Chirec
“It was amazing to know that we could make a film with just a camera.
It was fun because it was our own story “Harmony of life”. We went around the school to shoot pictures in different locations. The best part was making the film in ‘Windows Movie maker” by giving visual and Sound effect. When our movie was presented we felt like directors and watching our own movie. It was an amazing and a memorable experience.”
(Veena ,Ananya, Sannehitha, Sanjana)  Oakridge Einstein campus
“Well organized, good content, outstanding assistance and good care”  D.A.V. Kukatpally.
“Superb, marvelous, arrangements, hope it continues in future”. Nikil ,D.A.V .Public school.
“Well organized, good hospitality. We suggest you to conduct more workshops like this and
give us opportunity to learn more.” D.P.S. kajaguda.
“Excellent hospitality”  Nikitha  Indus World School.
“The theme of our short film was “Sharing the Planet” We had the story in our mind so we started taking pictures of different locations, we went to the computer lab to organize the slides and insert the audio. This was a great learning experience because we got to learn a new way of making a movie. It allowed us to express our thoughts. Though we did not win the competition we got to learn something new. It was fun meeting friends from different schools.”
(Vishal, Loukya,Niharika and Gaurav.) Oakridge  Einstein  campus.

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