Thursday, November 25, 2010

Samay Chakra an Inter School art competition was organized by Manipal Hillside Academy

This was in connection with the children’s day celebrations. The show was sponsored by Titan  group.Titan being the God of Time according to Greek mythology children were supposed to show this relationship through their painting.
Mr. Satyanarayana  Visual Arts teacher  along with his six smart students was at the venue not only sure but confident to win the competition .

 “Our Painting showed Atlas supporting the earth in his hands depicting the importance of time in our lives.After an unexpected victory I felt the contest was worthwhile.”  ( Dhyan VII grade )

“The experience of going for the Art competition was one that I will never forget. It was fun right from the beginning  till the end.We did not just draw and paint a beautiful picture ,but learned a lot as well since the topic was “Titan watches” I feel lucky to have been in this competition.”  Raga VII Grade

“I felt very happy because I was selected for the competition. We did the painting about Samay Chakra the importance of time. I was happy to win the contest”  Veena VII grade.

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