Saturday, November 27, 2010


As a part of the ongoing “ Live Your Dreams” project, I and  Hiranya of Grade VIII met the celebrity singer, S P Balasubramanyam at Sarathy Studios on  November 23.  SPB, as he is popularly known, answered questions ranging from his humble beginnings to reaching the epitome of his career. He spoke about the importance of education in an individual’s life. He exhorted the youngsters to set their goals and have a single minded focus to follow it with zeal and passion. It was a wonderful experience to meet a legend and then watch him hosting a children’s music reality show ‘Padutha Teeyaga’. It was indeed a dream come true.
                                          Asha Suresh
                                     Secondary Maths Teacher
I truly ‘Lived My Dream’ the day I met my idol SPB. Meeting him in person was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life so far. The interaction was not only exciting but also informative as he advised us, the youngsters, to be zealous and focused towards our aim. It was a very inspiring talk and I brought back with me lot of valuable counsel.  
 Hiranya Sivakumar 
Grade VIII

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  1. Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true

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