Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Einstein campus Health Walk..

On November 14, 2010 on account of Children's Day, we the Oakridge students walked a 5Kms health walk to support diabetes research.  It was fun walking with everyone knowing that what we were doing was for a good cause.  Let me not forget the wonderful faculty who also actively contributed to this health walk.  We were holding banners while we walked and there was always a student on one side of the banner and a teacher on the other.  At first I thought 5K was going to be a very tiring experience, but when i walked with my friends and had fun, seemed really short and I wanted to walk more.  The walk started from KBR Park. Then we walked till the Jubilee Hills Check post and came back around to the KBR park.This walk was special to me because my grandfather is diabetic.  I am happy that i was a part of this wonderful program because it was personally a good cause for me and generally a good cause throughout the world.

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