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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Bus Stop Activity – Identify the punctuation marks and define each of them.
Our teacher organized “BUS STOP ACTIVITY” for us in Grade IV A. The activity was basically aimed at,
·        Understanding and Exploring the “Concept of Punctuation”.

·        Communicating and comparing the rules of various “Punctuation Marks”.
We were grouped together into seven different GROUPS. Each GROUP was required to write down the various rules of the allotted “Punctuation Mark”, (with examples) on the chart. Once all the GROUPS have completed this, the GROUPS were required to shift places with their adjacent GROUP. The GROUPS were then asked to critically analyze and comment on the chart prepared by other GROUP.
Upon completion of the above TASK, the comments of each GROUP were assessed. Our students participated actively throughout the various stages of this exercise. The task which involved commenting on the chart of other GROUP developed us as a critical thinker.
I loved the activity very much and we learnt a lot by sharing with everyone.
Raivath Mallela -4 A


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Yummy yummy for my tummy !!!

It’s obvious that yummy food attracts everyone and especially kids. As we all know that kids are very choosy about their favorite food and this was a great opportunity for grade 1 B students to talk about their favorite food during the unit food.
Students were not only eager to talk about their favorite food, but also they carried it with them to show to their classmates. During their talk, they haven't only explained why they like the food and its taste, but also explained the type of food (healthy/ junk), the content of the food that is proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and energy.
It is always pleasure to see kids talking about the given topic with a lot of interest and energy.

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Family introduction by students of 1 B

We all love kids, but when they are on the stage to present their thoughts they are amazing and outstanding!!
Grade 1 B students performed superbly when they introduced their families to the classmates with a family photograph. Each student started with the greeting followed by their own introduction, a number of members in the family, type of their family (joint or nuclear), the name and occupation of each member and the fun time they spend with family.
Each student presented his/her talk so beautifully that it was surprising to hear them. Being their class teacher I am really proud of my little angels.

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Know your Body - Grade IIIA

Grade 3A of the Einstein campus went on a field trip to Dr Kiran’s Clinic in connection with our on-going POI unit “Human Body Systems”. 
Dr Lavanya, one of our grade 4A parents helped us explaining in detail about different body systems through a PPT and also the impact of lifestyle choices on the human body systems. The session was quite interactive and the children were excited to listen to the heart beat through a stethoscope. Children had a very good exposure to the functions of various body systems.  
We also got a chance to meet a dietitian and got to know the best choices about the food that keep us healthy. 
We thank Dr Lavanya and her team for the support they had given.
Back in the class, there was also a wrap up activity wherein children gave a wonderful reflection on the session.

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Plan your diet!

Grades II A had a field trip to Eesha Multi specialty hospital at Somajiguda in connection with the reflection of our Unit of Inquiry- Making balanced choices in daily routine help to lead a healthy lifestyle. The children had an interactive session with a dietitian, with the support of Dr Lavanya, a parent of Grade IV A student.
In order to quench their thirst for knowledge, the children asked many a questions on the dietary topic to which the dietician answered with utmost patience. Some of the questions asked by the children were:
Shreyans: Which food group should be included more during dinner time?
Hasitha: Why should we eat more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet?
Armaan: Which fruit gives more energy?
Rene: Should we brush every time we eat food?
The dietitian enriched them with the following points:
Vitamins and minerals present in fruits are micro nutrients and carbohydrates, proteins and fats present in vegetables and meat are macro nutrients. The combination of these makes a healthy diet.
Later we appreciated Dr Lavanya and her team for their wonderful support and time given to us amidst their busy schedule. The children reflected on their learning from the trip by filling in their field trip report the following day.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IIB Read and Rhyme

We at Oakridge encourage children to be good readers as we believe this habit can take you to places unseen and expand your knowledge. Keeping up this promise we have events like “Read ‘n’ Rhyme” to encourage our little ones showcase their reading skills. On 23rd August Saturday grade IIB presented their event to the parents. Kids read about a variety of topics. IIB parents were very delighted to see the hard work of the kids and their confidence which in all made our event a super success..  

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Report on Field Trip to Novatol Hotel

Symposium with Political Leaders – A True Essence of Democracy
Oakridge International School, the Einstein campus took part in the symposium with political leaders organized by the Global Edge School. The event was organized on 22nd August at Novatel hotel. Students from 8 CBSE cluster schools asked challenging questions to a group of six political leaders from Congress, BJP, TRS, TDP on the given topic.
18 Students from grades IX & X participated in the symposium. Sai Sreeram from our school was given a chance to ask a question. His question was pertaining to the reservations being given to the members of the Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes & backward classes. He wanted to know why the reservations were still being continued to those who were rich, educated & well placed in the society. Ms. Geeta Reddy from Congress, appreciated the child for his choice of question and elaborately explained the rise of castes, reasons for reservations & why they needed to be implemented even today. Other members on the dais, too gave their opinion on this subject.
Students from other schools also asked questions pertaining to democracy. The entire two and half session helped students to understand the broader concept of democracy.

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